November 17, 2016



“Allary At Arias” Coming to original venue!

Allary, the legendary Providence club that, beginning in the mid ‘70s and extending for over a decade, played host to some of the world’s most important jazz artists, is returning to its original home to present jazz in its most refined, exciting forms. Roger and Marina Kallab, owners of Arias, the venue that currently occupies the 108 North Main Street site of the original Allary, are committed to restoring one of America’s most important jazz clubs. “We are excited and privileged to be able to create ‘Allary at Arias,’” said Roger. “We think of ourselves as stewards of a great tradition that meant so much to our culture and to thousands of jazz lovers who made Allary their second home.”



  • The Grand return of Allary takes place on Sunday, March 26th with Mike Renzi and the Rhode Island Jazz All Stars.
  • Allary’s Sunday sessions were renowned from coast to coast. “We’re initially paying homage to those great afternoons with concerts that, like the originals, will run from 4-8pm.”
  • There was a time when one could not name America’s most important jazz clubs without including Allary-that time will come again!

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“Allary at Arias”

On March 26th, the rebirth of a legendary jazz club will be complete with, “Mike Renzi” and the Rhode Island Jazz All-Stars: Dave Zinno (b), Artie Cabral (d), Arnie Krakowsky (tenor sax), Ted Casher (tenor sax), Bob Sagnella (alto sax), Jeff Stout (trumpet), Shawnn Monteiro (vocal). ALL TICKETS PURCHASED PREVIOUSLY FOR THE 2/12/17 SHOW WILL BE HONORED